Farm Fresh Produce and Groceries

You may know about us because of our butcher counter, but did you know that we do much more than just custom cut and trim beef, veal, pork, and poultry?

Gone are the days when our mothers had to force us to eat our veggies!

The colorful display and tantalizing smell of fruits and veggies inside Sparrow Market entice you to take juicy bites right there on the spot. But please don’t.

In Sparrow market you can find fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, honey, plants and even pottery for sale.


In 1984 we took control of the grocery section in Kerrytown Market and Shops to provide you with a one-stop shop for fresh produce and other items to make a family meal.

For many, Sparrow Market is not just a trip to the grocery store. It is an outing. A place where one is bound to walk into someone he or she knows while shopping, eating lunch, or sipping coffee.

On any day of the week, Sparrow Market is a bustling neighborhood grocery store inside Kerrytown Market & Shops, located in downtown Ann Arbor.

This Ann Arbor iconic fixture is a quick walk for the residents of Kerrytown, and well worth the drive for all other residents and visitors of Ann Arbor.